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Take a cue from good ol' Budd Dwyer

Education reform

Public education spending in this country is completely out of control. We pay far more per student than a number of other developed nations, and we get worse results. You can quibble all day about this being due to standardized testing, differences in culture, union involvement, or what have you, but the reality is that we are throwing money into a black hole in most cases where public education is concerned. I imagine most libertarians agree up to this point.

In my opinion, the solution to this problem is not for libertarian candidates to advocate abolishing the public school system entirely. There aren't many better ways to kill off your chances of winning an election, along with any credibility you may have had with the voters. It's an unacceptable solution, at this point. It's very nearly political suicide to simply suggest cutting public education funds.

So, rather than having libertarian candidates fall on their own swords and ensuring they remain irrelevant, what immediate reforms could they propose that have a chance of being embraced by the voters?

I'm sure vouchers will end up being debated more than I care to see, but I'm more interested in other ideas. For instance, tax exemptions and credits for parents who opt to send their children to private schools, or home-school.

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