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Take a cue from good ol' Budd Dwyer


As libertarians, I assume most of us agree that the government has no business trying to control what an individual puts into his/her body. As pragmatists, assuming any of you are, we realize that around 99% of registered voters aren't going to get behind a campaign that openly advocates legalizing crack and heroin.

In my opinion, the first step in the right direction is to push for the decriminalization of marijuana. There are already a few localities that have done this, though technically it has been more of a symbolic move than anything substantive. As this movement picks up more steam, and more people begin to realize the insanity of filling our jails with people who've done nothing more than smoke or sell pot, this issue will get more attention at the federal level.

As someone who is very interested in seeing libertarian candidates get elected in the near future, I'm hoping that more candidates push this issue (and others) in a way that will garner more public support than we've had in the past. What are some of the more sensible arguments that could be used to convince voters to support libertarian candidates on this issue?

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