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Moderate Libertarians

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This community is for moderate libertarians to discuss practical and realistic ways to bring the libertarian party into the mainstream of U.S. politics. People of all political backgrounds are welcome, but the discussion should remain focused on moderate libertarianism.

The rules are fairly simple. This community is -strictly- moderated. Trolling and flaming will result in immediate deletion of the offending post and possible removal of the violating member from the community, but reasonable constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged. Posts that stray too far from the community theme will be deleted, as will anything obscene.

Libertarian Candidates in 2006
Loretta NallAlabama
Barry HessArizona
Art OlivierCalifornia
Garrett Michael HayesGeorgia
Ozell DanielHawaii
T. Lee Horne IIILouisiana
Sue JeffersMinnesota
Randy LangkraehrMissouri
Richard KahnNew Hampshire
Bill PeirceOhio

U.S. Senate
Kevin ZeeseMaryland
Mark RauterkusPennsylvania

U.S. House of Representatives
Mark YannoneArizonaDistrict 3
Kelley RossCaliforniaDistrict 28
Leland FaegreCaliforniaDistrict 32
Erik BuckMissouriDistrict 6
Kevin CraigMissouriDistrict 7
Dan BelfortiNew HampshireDistrict 1
Chester LaPointeNew HampshireDistrict 2
D. Frank RobinsonOklahomaDistrict 5
Chuck MoultonPennsylvaniaDistrict 13
Michael BadnarikTexasDistrict 10
Cecil LambTexasDistrict 23
Grant RostigTexasDistrict 25
Wilbur WoodVirginiaDistrict 10