Take a cue from good ol' Budd Dwyer (awful_jackass) wrote in lp_moderates,
Take a cue from good ol' Budd Dwyer

Help needed.

Since this community seems to have a fledgling membership now, thanks to dbd_724 and his geolibertarianism post, perhaps we can turn this community into a useful resource.

I'm asking all of you for some help with a simple project. I want to keep a list of current libertarian candidates and ballot issues on the info page for this community. Anything that any of you can provide, whether it's a comprehensive list, or just a couple names of candidates you know about, post them here and they'll be added to the list. I also want to keep updated links to their websites and any other voter resources. So if you can contribute that information, post it here.

Additionally, once we get the list going, if someone would like to volunteer to "pretty it up" a bit for the info page, that would be a huge help. Just let me know if you're interested.

This will be an ongoing project, so anytime you get new information, feel free to post it.
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